Lexmark Windows 7 Drivers

Lexmark a leading manufacturer of printers always supports latest operating systems (windows, linux, mac). Lexmark is also support Windows 7 for a variety of its existing products. If your Lexmark printer is not working with Windows 7, first check all connections between your machine (PC, Laptop, Tablet) and Lexmark device. All connections are proper and you are still facing to detect Lexmark product on Windows 7 then follow instruction given below to install lexmark windows 7 driver on your machine.

Windows 7 Printer Drivers – First check windows 7 compatibility for Lexmark products. If your Lexmark produts is Windows 7 compatible and Windows OS has driver for it then use the driver provided with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Windows Update may need to be selected to access some drivers. Please note that beta releases of operating systems are not supported. If windows 7 has no driver for your lexmark product use the latest driver located on Lexmark.com

If you want to update Lexmark drivers in Windows 7 then download the latest version of the driver of your Lexmark product for Windows 7 by clicking on the link below. Once you download updated driver unzip it on your windows 7 machine and follow the instruction given in this article How to Update Drivers in Windows 7.

Lexmark Windows 8 Drivers – We will update this section as soon as Windows 8 driver will be available.

Here you can find a list of various Lexmark drivers for Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit OS which we are updating time by time.

Lexmark printer drivers for windows 7

Lexmark 1100 Drivers
X1110, X1130, X1140, X1150, X1155, X1160, X1170, X1180, X1185, X1190, X1195

Lexmark 1200 Driver
X1240, X1250, X1270, X1280, X1290

Lexmark 1400 Driver
Z1400, Z1410, Z1420, Z1480

Lexmark 2200 Drivers
X2230, X2250

Lexmark 2300 Driver
X2310, X2330, X2350

Lexmark 2400 Driver
X2450, X2470

Lexmark 2500 Driver
X2500, X2520, X2530, X2550, X2580

Lexmark 2600 Driver
X2600, X2620, X2630, X2650, X2670, X2690

Lexmark 3300 Drivers
X3330, X3350, X3370

Lexmark 3400 Driver
X3450, X3470

Lexmark 3500-4500
X3530, X3550, X3580, X4530, X4550, X4580

Lexmark 3600-4600 Driver
X3650, X3690, X4630, X4650, X4690

Lexmark 4200 Driver
X4250, X4270

Lexmark 4800 Drivers
X4850, 4875

Lexmark 4900 Driver
X4950, X4975, X4975VE

Lexmark 5000 Driver
X5070, X5075

Lexmark 5100 Drivers
X5130, X5150, X5190 Pro

Lexmark 5200 Drivers
X5250, X5270

Lexmark 5300 Drivers
X5320, X5340, X5370

Lexmark X5400 Driver
X5435, X5450, X5470, X5490, X5495

Lexmark 5600-6600 Driver
X5650, X5690, X6650, X6675, X6690

Lexmark 6500 Driver
X6570, X6575

Lexmark 7600 Driver

Lexmark 640 Driver
Z640, Z645

Lexmark 1300 Driver
Z1300, Z1310, Z1320, Z1380

Lexmark Z2300 Driver
Z2300, Z2330, Z2390

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  1. Press the button with the wrench icon underneath the power button. This will take you to a setup menu for wireless access. Push the button “ok” for push button access and a Pairing Code with appear on the LED screen. Enter this code into the field of your add printer/device setup field in Windows7. Press ok and the Lexmark will be setup.

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