Lexmark x1100 Windows 7 Drivers

The Lexmark X1100 Series All-In-One combines the functionality of an inkjet printer, a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine all into a single, multifunction device, making it one of the most exciting products on the market. Here we have listed links of Lexmark x1100 series printer windows 7 drivers. 

Lexmark Inkjet Printer 1100 Series
Lexmark X1110, Lexmark X1130, Lexmark X1140, Lexmark X1150, Lexmark X1155, Lexmark X1160
Lexmark X1170, Lexmark X1180, Lexmark X1185, Lexmark X1190, Lexmark X1195

Click here to download windows 7 driver for Lexmark x1100 series.

Note: Windows Vista drivers for Lexmark 1100 series are compatible with Windows 7. At above link you can also find Windows XP driver for Lexmark 1100 series printers.

How to Update Lexmark x1100 Drivers in Windows 7
To install the Lexmark X1100 All-in-One Printer driver, download the latest version of the driver for Windows 7 by clicking on the link above. Once you download updated driver unzip it on your windows 7 machine and follow the instruction given in this article How to Update Drivers in Windows 7.

Case 1: Lexmark x1100 windows 7 problem
Kevin: I have just upgraded from vista to Windows 7 professional. Now the problem I am having is with my lexmark x1100 multifunction printer. It is not working with windows 7 and I am unable to find windows 7 driver for my printer.
Possible Solution: Windows vista driver for lexmark x1100 series printer is compatible with Windows 7. You can download this vista driver from above link.

6 thoughts on “Lexmark x1100 Windows 7 Drivers

  1. for my German friends

    Fall 1: Ich bin gerade von Vista auf Windows 7 Professional Upgrade. Jetzt ist das Problem ich habe, ist mit meinem Lexmark x1100 Multifunktionsdrucker. Es funktioniert nicht mit windows 7 und ich bin nicht auf Windows 7-Treiber für meinen Drucker zu finden.

    Mögliche Lösung: Windows Vista Treiber für Lexmark X1100 Series Drucker ist kompatibel mit Windows 7. Sie können diesen Treiber von vista obigen Link herunterladen.

  2. I have installed windows 8 and now my lexmark x1100 printer is not working. where i can get lexmark x1100 windows 8 driver

  3. I have a Lexmark X1180 printer but it does not work with windows 8.1
    Is there anything i could install in order for it to work?

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