Lexmark x2600 Windows 7 Drivers

Lexmark 2600 Series Printers: X2600, X2620, X2630, X2650, X2670, X2690

Windows 7 Drivers available from Lexmark Download. These windows 7 drivers supports all printers of lexmark 2600 series.

You can download windows 7, xp, vista, 2000 driver for lexmark 2600 series printers from here

Lexmark x2650 Driver: The X2650 is cheap, surprisingly sturdy with decent scan quality but has expensive inks, poor print quality and slow printing speeds. You can download Lexmark x2650 Driver from  here.

Lexmark x2670 Driver: According to pcpro.co.uk review tt’s expensive to run and takes an age to produce dire results. Avoid at all costs. You can download Lexmark x2670 Driver from  here.

Lexmark x2690 Driver: Like other printers of 2600 series the Lexmark x2690 falls short in many ways. You can download Lexmark x2690 Driver from  here.

One thought on “Lexmark x2600 Windows 7 Drivers

  1. hasn’t mid October passed yet. there are still no drivers for lexmak. Could you please post the drivers ASAP because I need to use my printer on windows 7.

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