Lexmark 1200 Windows 7 Drivers

Lexmark 1200 printer series is All in One inkjet printer series these printers combines the abilities of an Inkjet Printer, Scanner and Copier in one convenient and compact machine.

LEXMARK 1200Lexmark 1200 Series Printers: X1240, X1250, X1270, X1280, X1290

Windows 7 Drivers available from Lexmark Download. These windows 7 drivers supports all printers of lexmark 1200 series.

Lexmark 1200 Driver for Windows 7 x64: Download

Lexmark 1200 Driver for Windows 7: Download

Note: you can download windows xp, vista, 2000 driver for lexmark 1200 series printers from here.

How to Update Lexmark 1200 Drivers in Windows 7
To install the Lexmark 1200 All-in-One Printer driver, download the latest version of the driver for Windows 7 by clicking on the link above. Once you download updated driver unzip it on your windows 7 machine and follow the instruction given in this article How to Update Drivers in Windows 7.

Lexmark 1200 Series User’s Guide: Download manual for Lexmark X1200 Series

Lexmar x1240 Driver: Lexmark x1240 is extremely affordable all in one printer which prints up to 17 pages per minute and enlarge scan up to 400 percent. You can download Lexmark x1240 driver from above link.

19 thoughts on “Lexmark 1200 Windows 7 Drivers

  1. Estou a mais de 3 meses tentando instalar a Lexmark x1250 no Windows 7 e
    não estou conseguindo peço ajuda
    Luis Carlos

  2. I downloaded the 1200 series driver, but now my x1290 printer won’t copy. It will only prints. Any suggestions?

  3. hi, I would like to install to my windows 7 the driver of my lexmark x74-x75, can help me?

    Thank you to everyone…..

  4. I’ve installed windows 10, now my Lexmark x1250 is out of action. I’m advised that there are no drivers yet for windows 10 an should install Windows 8 drivers, but I can’t find them!!

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