How to Use Windows 7 Wireless Zero Configuration

Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) was introduced with Windows XP, it is also known as “WLAN AutoConfig” in Windows 7 and Vista. It is is a wireless connection management utility which dynamically selects a wireless network to connect to based on a user’s preferences and various default settings

Here are steps to use Wireless Zero Configuration/WLAN AutoConfig in Windows 7

  1. Click the Windows logo button
  2. Type  “services” in the Start Menu’s “Search” box and press “Enter”.  Scroll to the bottom of the list and locate “WLAN AutoConfig”. Double-click “WLAN AutoConfig” to open its “Properties” window.
  3. Click the “General” tab of “WLAN AutoConfig” service. Click the “Startup type” drop-down menu and click “Automatic” to have the service started automatically when the operating system loads. Click the “Start” button. Click “Apply” and then “OK.” Close the “Services” console window.
  4. Click the Windows logo button. Type “cmd” in the “Search” box and press “Enter.” In the Command Prompt window, type “netsh wlan show settings” and press “Enter”. Look at the last line of the “Wireless LAN Settings” entry to see if the message “Auto configuration logic is enabled on interface ” or “Auto configuration logic is disabled on interface” appears. If the entry notes that it is “disabled,” type, “set autoconfig enabled=yes interface=”Interface Name” and press “Enter”. Close the Command Prompt window.

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